Why choose Urbanwise to collect your recycling?
Urbanwise Recycling is the only recycling collection company in Cape Town that collects, sorts and delivers the recycled products to companies that use these materials.

In the relatively short time we have been operating, UrbanWise has become one of the preferred recycling collection companies as we do not just collect and drop of the recycling at a sorting facility.

UrbanWise directly employs the staff to do collections, sort the waste and to deliver the recyclable goods to the processing plants.

We have three recycling drop off sites that we run for the City of Cape Town at no charge to the city or the public. All income is generated from the value of the recyclable materials collected.

One of these sites is run as a black empowerment project, where the participating stakeholders are entitled to all income created from the recycled materials. We offer assistance with transport and training, otherwise the project is run as a separate entity.

We are also the only collection company in the northern suburbs that offer people the opportunity to drop off their recycling at one of our drop off site at no cost.

If you are looking for a company that takes pride in making a difference, and has a real interest in reducing the amount of waste that ends up in our landfills, then UrbanWise Recycling is your partner in recycling for our future.

Contact: Kenneth

Tel: 021 557 7976
Mobile: 084 221 4546
Email: info@urbanwise.co.za

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