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We do collect these items PLASTIC
Plastic soft drink, water, sports drink, mouthwash, salad dressing bottles. Peanut butter, pickle, jam jars.

Milk, water, juice, cosmetic, shampoo, dish and laundry detergent bottles; yogurt and margarine tubs

Containers:  yogurt containers and margarine tubs, ice cream containers medicine bottles.
GLASS Wine bottles and food jars 
PAPER Newspapers, junk mail, office paper, exercise books, Magazines & books
CARDBOARD Boxes, toilet rolls, cereal boxes, etc
METAL Tins, cans, batteries
EWASTE Computers, TV's, Electrical Equipment
We do not collect these items Organic Products All food products
Wet waste (wet paper products)
Cotton Wool
Wood Any item containing wood
Plastics(**) Cling film / Shrink Wrap

Hazordous Materials Old Paint
Chemical based Products
OTHER by prior arrangement Motor oil and cooking oil.

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