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Being ‘Green’ and reducing your carbon footprint are buzz words and concepts that we hear daily. As we are all too aware, it is our responsibility to live our lives as environmentally friendly as possible.

Are you doing your bit?

UrbanWise Recycling is a Cape Town based business, operating in the Northern suburbs.
We offer a service that enables you to recycle your household and business waste with a minimal amount of effort.

People’s perceptions of recycling are that it will be a huge effort separating the waste and that the need for separate bins will take up valuable space in our home or office.
With UrbanWise we have solved these problems for you!

We collect weekly, so that your accumulated recycling does not start overflowing in your kitchen or garage AND there is no need to separate your recyclables.

All we ask is that you put the rinsed recyclable waste into a refuse bag and place it on your curb once a week for collection by us.

We collect from the greater northern suburbs of Cape Town.

We are willing to help and educate you as to what products can be recycled to improve your energy efficiency, working to reduce your carbon footprint.
You may use normal black garbage bags or we have clear plastic refuse bags made from 100% recycled plastic for purchase.

Join us to reduce, re-use and recycle!

Contact: Kenneth

Tel: 021 557 7976
Mobile: 084 221 4546
Email: info@urbanwise.co.za
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